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By (Pastor (Mrs). Folu Adeboye

Hello excellent lady, I want to show you a ‘bed’ that you must not sleep on if you don’t want to lose your best in life. It is on this bed many winners are later declared losers. This bed is so attractive and captivating that every one like to sleep on it but just a single sleep on it can make your destiny slip off your hands. I have seen
great ladies, full of passion, vision, grace, beauty, gifts, talents, aspiration been reduced to nonentity and mediocrities just because of this bed.
I know you are eager to know what bed I am talking about here. I will tell you, just follow me as you read on.


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We have three types of bed as far as sex is concern. We have:



3. EXTRA-MATRIMONY BED. (1 Cor. 15-20, Hebrew 13: 4, 1 Thess. 4:3-4 )

Because of space, I will not talk about the other two types of bed. I want to talk about the one that really concerns you as a single lady.

This is the bed of sex before marriage. This is the bed of pre-marital sex. Now listen to me princess, this bed is so
common in our generation that those who are not sleeping on it are regarded as outdated or old-fashion. Any time you go into sex with any guy, it is on this bed you are sleeping. I need to let you know that this bed has peculiarities, you don’t sleep on it and stand up and remain the same. This bed alters your life inside out. Once you are on this bed, the following things will automatically happen:

You make a deposit: Young lady, let it be known to you that premarital sex is more than ‘put it’ and ‘remove it’. It is not just for fun. You make some deposit during your adventure on this destiny-destroying bed of pre-marital sex. You deposit your glory, virtue, your joy, your confidence, your virginity, your integrity, your life into the life of the one you are having sex with.
Every deposit you make during sex before marriage makes you a loser because you lose those things

You make a withdrawal:
During pre-marital sex with that your boy friend, man-friend, sugar-daddy or whatever you call him, you make a withdrawal. You automatically withdraw pains, shame, guilty conscience, curses, sexual transmitted diseases, wrath of God, distorted vision, unwanted pregnancy, aborted future, damaged womb, and eternal punishment in hell if you refuse to repent before death closes your eyes.

The following are the reasons why ladies ‘sleep’ on pre-matrimony bed and there by getting agony instead of harmony.

Pressure: It can be pressure from friends, from boy friend, fiancé, bosses, lecturers, teachers, etc. Don’t allow any pressure to push you into the bed of immorality; you will pay dearly for sex before marriage. (Prov. 1:10)

• Ignorance: Many married men are taking advantage of the ignorance of young ladies to lure them into this bed of sexual perversion. Be wise! (Hosea 4:6)

• Wrong Information: Many ladies have been wrongly informed by their friends, movies and worldly magazines that love is sex and that, the best way to show love to that guy is to have sex with him. That is wrong, that is a lie!

• Broken Home: Many ladies from broken homes engage in premarital sex as they lack true parental supervision and godly training. Dear, don’t allow the fact that you came from a broken home to give you a broken destiny. Refuse to destroy your life through immorality.

• Indiscipline: If you lack self control, you will be an easy prey to guys and they will lure you into sex to damage your destiny. ( Proverbs 25: 28)

• Idleness: If you are always idle, you will cuddle sin, especially sexual sin.

• Financial Problem: Many ladies offer their body for sex with their boyfriends, sugar daddies just to get money to buy clothes, pay school fees, etc. if you are guilty of this, you are purely a prostitute. Repent fast, work hard &make money through your hand not body.

• Curiosity: Many ladies are just too curious to know how “it feels and tastes like’ to have sex. Be careful of unholy curiosity.

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Let me stop here for now, I know you have been touched by God through this write up.

Are you already sleeping on this bed of immorality through your involvement in sex as a single lady?

Are you still a virgin and your flesh, friends and feeling are pushing you to have a taste of this bed of sex before marriage?

I want to plead with you because I strongly believe in your colourful destiny. Please, don’t sleep on this bed! If you have slept on this bed before, please, never go there again!
Pre-marital sex destroys fasters than anything. Run from sex before marriage. Don’t sleep on that bed. I warn you.

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Inspirational Articles

8 Ways of Building a Better Relationship



8 Ways of Building a Better Relationship

Relationship goals….

Love is perhaps our most powerful emotion, and the need to be in a loving relationship may be one of the strongest needs we have. Being in an intimate relationship makes us feel connected, not only to our partner, but also to the world at large. When our hearts are filled with love, we feel profoundly content and satisfied. We become more patient, more empathetic, kinder, gentler.

But personal intimacy doesn’t merely affect our emotional well-being. According to numerous scientific studies, the power of love directly affects our physical health, too, by boosting our immune system, improving our cardiovascular functioning, and increasing our life expectancy. “Love and intimacy are at the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well,”. “When you look at the scientific data, the need for love and intimacy is as important and basic as eating, breathing, and sleeping.” Here are tips to make a relationship a better one:

1. Encourage your partner to be more open with you

Sharing more of your emotions with your partner and encouraging your partner to do the same with you will help strengthen your bond. Make it a habit to confide in each other every day. Some opening questions for confiding in your partner include:
“Remember when we used to go walking and talking around the neighborhood, walking the dogs together? Let’s do that tonight… How about it?”

“What happened yesterday between us didn’t go so well, and I want to try another way — can we start over, and this time I will take some deep breaths and listen more patiently. I also want to say what works better for me and find out what you are hoping for.”

2. Be considerate of each other’s needs

In order to move forward in your relationship, you will both need to learn how to understand each other’s needs. The best way to uncover what your partner needs, and let them know what you need, is to talk about it.

If you are not sure what your spouse wants or needs, the best way to find out is to ask questions and listen. If you still are not sure, ask more questions. For example, you could say something like, “I think that what you need from me is ________. Is that what you mean?”

3. Appreciate each other

Showing appreciation through sincere compliments is an important part of a healthy relationship. Make sure that you and your partner are aware of the importance of complimenting each other and that you both know how to do it well. Good compliments should not only be sincere and specific, they should also be phrased as an “I” statement rather than as a “you” statement. For example, if your partner cleans the kitchen, don’t say “You did a nice job of cleaning the kitchen.” Instead, say “I appreciate that you cleaned the kitchen.” Using I instead of you lets your partner know how you feel, not just that you noticed.

love making

4. Ask your partner to commit to change

If you decide that you are ready to move forward in your relationship with your partner, you should ask your partner to promise you that they will not follow the same pattern of behavior that led to the affair. Ask your partner to articulate or even write out what that behavior includes and commit to change.

5. Establish consequences to deal with the possibility of another affair

Since there is a possibility that your partner may cheat again, you should work together to establish consequences for another affair. These consequences may include things like divorce or other repercussions. You may want to get these consequences in writing and work with a lawyer to make them legally binding.

6. Get Physical

Physical intimacy is a natural — and healthy — extension of a relationship. Our best sexual intentions are often put to rest, however, as we collapse into an exhausted heap at the end of the day. Instead, you and your partner need to consciously commit to turning up the heat. Leave the dishes in the sink, turn the laptop off, and just do it! Set the mood with the sensual music, and light some calming aromatherapy candles or incense. Learn to communicate your loving energy through touch.

7. Listen Carefully

Being an attentive listener lets your partner know that his or her thoughts and feelings are important to you. Moreover, good listening encourages partners “to open up and be willing to share,” is not just to “hear” what your partner is saying, but to be truly “present,” having a heartfelt desire to understand what is being said and listening without being judgmental.

Get close and listen

8. Know when to end the relationship

This is the last stage,nobody pray for it,if things don’t improve despite all of your best efforts and the help of marriage counseling, you may have to accept that the relationship cannot be repaired. Signs that the relationship may be beyond repair include:

• Constant fighting..

• Inability to connect with your partner.

• Inability to empathize with or receive empathy from your partner.

• Hurt and anger that does not subside with time.

• Inability to forgive your partner

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Celeb Gist

“My biggest fear in life is not being alive to take care of my kids” – Mercy Johnson




Mother of 3 and Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has revealed to the world her greatest fear in life. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared adorable photos of herself and her kids in matching outfits.

The gorgeous actress went on to caption the photo with a quote where she wrote about the joy of motherhood ahead of ‘Mothers Day.

My biggest fear in life? It would be “Not being alive to take care of and watch over my kids” Happy Mothers day Friends and may we be alive to watch them grow into Great personalities, may we enjoy our children in good health and prosperity with God as the Center of it all…

Because it’s almost Mothers day and I can’t wait plus Henry keeps saying Happy mothers day mummy since last week
, she wrote.

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Gossip News

Six Rules to a happy marital life




A social media user on Twitter took to his handle to share six rule in guiding a peaceful marital Affair.

The man identified as Ryan Stephens said he and his wife have decided to drop the idea of trying to be soulmates and focus more on being teammates.

He shares six rules he and his wife follow to ensure a stable and blissful marital life.

Read thread below.  

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